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RE: AURORA R4 Huge fan throttling

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Sounds like your getting close but I think the temps are still a ittle high. Example, I play BF3 on ultra and my CPU temps only reach about 60-65c. I did place a Corsair 120mm fan on the radiator to create a push/pull system and I am sure it helps alot. My idle temps are about 32-34c. I just checked as I was typing this. My specs are R3 w/ I7-2600, 16gb of Gskill ram at 1600mghz and a GTX770 just for reference.

If you did lose a small amount of coolant as you said, it should not be a problem. The main thing is to make sure the pump is seated correctly. Hopefully Tesla or Morblore will chime in and give their input as they are much more knowledgable then I.

I will follow this posts are you keep narrowing it down.

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