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Alienware 13 - Left Speaker Blown? - Bought in April


I received my Alienware 13 Laptop end of April and have had no issues up until now.

I was using my laptop to listen to some music earlier today. After not using the laptop for a few hours I woke it up and only the right speaker would work. I usually have the speakers on around 80% so I feel this shouldn't happen.. and I'm not sure what would have caused it. It was sitting on my desk the whole day.

I've checked all the sound settings and it makes no sound once I turn the working speaker down to 0. 
I also tried restoring settings but that didn't work.

Any suggestions?

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RE: Alienware 13 - Left Speaker Blown? - Bought in April

If uninstalling and reinstalling the audio drivers doesn't work, contact support to get replacement speakers (or left speaker).

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