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Alienware M14x R2 Quality and Replacement problems - Really disappointed.

Good day, 

I bought my M14x R2 in Singapore March of this year.  It's been 2.5 months now and my laptop has been repaired 8x!

My unit came with a defective subwoofer. A technician came to my house (Philippines) to replace it, but everytime they replace the part, new problems arose. When they replaced the subwoofer, the LCD panel light suddenly stopped working. When they replaced the LCD panel, the wifi indicator stopped working! They replaced that as well but to no avail. They told me the motherboard needs to be replaced. So they did, and after that, my unit got worse! Constant overheating, games are like a slideshow. Then last weekend I came home to a BSOD. Can't access Windows now.

They sent a technician to replace my motherboard, HDD, heatsink, CPU fan.. and also a Win 8 installer with license. Guess what, the license is not accepted by Windows 8 and now I can't use my laptop! I finally asked if it's possible to ask for a replacement and they told me they if my laptop still has errors (after their 7th repair), they will consider replacing the unit. Despite all this, I have been very patient and civil about the whole ordeal. 

As expected, repair is a failure and so I finally urged customer service to please push for a replacement (my m14x is 2 months old and it has been opened up more than 10x, replaced more than 10 parts as well. It's like a refurbished system within a severely worn down chasis). I received a call earlier and they told me I was finally granted replacement! 

I was relieved for all of 10 seconds until they told me I need to bring back my unit to Singapore and wait 7 to 14 business days before they can hand me a replacement. For a laptop that their very own technicians caused problems with! How can you expect me not to be upset with that. A trip to Singapore alone and hotel for 2.5 weeks is going to end up costing me more than the price I bought the laptop for! Upon buying the unit I was told the unit will be serviced/repaired/replaced at my location - it was actually the reason I bought an Alienware (impulse buy) when I saw one at the mall.

I asked if I could at least have the option to upgrade my laptop to a newer model (I told them I will pay for it) because I am extremely dissatisfied with the M14 - shot down. I asked if I could get a refund instead - shot down.

All in all my laptop probably worked perfectly for a grand total of 2 weeks. I have spent more time troublsehooting / calling up customer service and accommodating technicians than enjoying my laptop! I skipped work and cleared up my schedule numerous times just for repairs, and my data has been lost!

Why does Asia and the Pacific have second rate services compared to the USA? I have heard from my friends in the USA they even get compensation for delays! My warranty is 2 years international warranty with 1 year accidental warranty. The laptop needs repair through no fault of my own - every time they fix something, 2 problems rise in its stead.

Is this really the only way? That I go back to Singapore to have my laptop replaced? And stay there for a whopping 2.5 weeks? This seems entirely ridiculous and something I did not really expect from Alienware/Dell. I have used Dell since my High School days (dell desktop for High school, laptop for college) and it is really too bad I get second-class service after being loyal to the brand.

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Re: Alienware M14x R2 Quality and Replacement problems - Really disappointed.

Any help?

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