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Alienware M18x - SSD addition (2x 750gb RAID0 & mSATA) questions...

Hi All,

Finally received an alienware . The current HDD setup is:

"1.5TB RAID 0 (2x750GB 7200RPM) + 80GB mSATA SSD Caching"

I want to have:

  • 256gb SSD as the OS drive
  • 2x 750GB RAID0 as the storage HDD
  • 80gb mSATA as the caching for the HDD  (max is 64gb...so leaves about 10gb usable space)



  1. So I put the new SSD into the HDD0 slot so SATA3 speeds?
  2. I then have the existing 750gb drives in bays HDD1 and HDD2? I want to keep these in RAID0 configuration
  3. Can I image existing install and then restore on the new SSD or do I need to do a fresh install
  4. Any suggestions for the 10gb usable mSATA... eg if using for paging file will that get speed advantages?
  5. Do I need to make any BIOS changes for the above apart from setting SSD as the boot disk?
  6. Anything else I am missing?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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