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Alienware M18xR2: Resetting to manufacturer settings without backup-partition

  Hello everyone reading this post, I have recently changed the hard-drive in my Alienware because the one that came with my computer and had the back-up partition to reset to manufacturer settings got corrupted and stopepd working. I was not able to make a copy of the partition before I switched out the hard drives so now I dont have microsoft office, alien autopsy, and all that stuff because I was only able to load the OS. I have both dvd's i received with the computer (Resource dvd and the Microsoft windows 7 dvd) and from what I can tell the microsoft windows 7 dvd only re-installs the os not a full reset to manufacturer settngs and also i have heard to never ever use the resource dvd because it messes everything up....... so exactly what is the purpose of the resource dvd and is there any way I can get my computer back to manufacturer settings? i have heard I can pay Dell 130 bucks for them to send me a dvd I can use to do so but would that happen to be one of the dvd's that already came with the computer?

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RE: Alienware M18xR2: Resetting to manufacturer settings without backup-partition

Hi videorfeak,

Since the hard drive was replaced, it is not possible to make the system to go back to factory default settings. However using the Win7 and resources cds would help to get the operating system and factory installed drivers. Please send me the system service tag or express service code through a private chat, I will see what best can be done.

Click on my username select start a private conversation and send me the details. Please refer to the link below where to locate the service tag or express service code.



Thanks and regards,
Senthil S
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