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Alienware Replacement Parts


Purchased the X51 R2, and 1 year and 4 months later the motherboard/cpu and self destructed, and after all sorts of conversations, with numerous Dell 'representatives' I have been finally given the hardline on what I can expect to get....NOTHING!

My warranty is expired, and Dell / Alienware provide no further assistance, replacements, advice etc.

So, I am in the unenviable position of owning a year old piece of *** that I now have to repair somehow, given that local repairshops are telling me that it is 'proprietary' equipment and that can't help me.

And finally, to my question for this forum...where do I go to get replacement Alienware parts?

Please excuse the tone of this post, but as can be imagined I am extremely dissatisfied atm.  I have NEVER owned a computer that has failed so miserably in just 1 year.  Hell, I've built better systems myself, they certainly lasted longer!

Thanks in advance for whatever advice / support anyone can offer.

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RE: Alienware Replacement Parts

If it's the motherboard/cpu just get a new motherboard/cpu of your choice. The graphics and ram and stuff should still work if you get a motherboard w/ the right setup. You've build PCs before from what you've said so it shouldn't be an issue. Another option is maybe look on ebay for some parts.

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