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Alienware X51 BD/DVD ROM drive does not accept mini-CD formats.

I have a few mini-CDs and mini-DVD discs, which I've always been able to use in regular CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives. The slot loading drive on my X51 wont take anything other than regular sized discs.

And as others have mentioned, when it ejects a disc, it launches it out. If i'm not by the system to catch it, I must pick the disc off the floor. My system is in its vertical position.

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Most slot loading players can't play a mini disc. I can't even think of one off hand other then a PS3. You should try to move the files over to another format like a normal DVD or maybe an external drive.


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Thanks for the info, I'll give them a call this week.

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I'm not an authority on this or anything, but as a long-time Mac user, Apple has been using slot-load optical drives long before anyone else in the computer industry and I believe that only standard full size optical disc media can be used with them.

As far as the disc eject issue, Dell-Chris M posted this to another thread:

The replacement front bezel 8YP4G (replacing D4HG0) should be available now. Contact Alienware support. They will need to setup an onsite service. 8YP4G includes -
Front Bezel
Alienhead and Cable
Power Button and Cable
ODD Dust Cover
M2 Tapping Screw

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