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Alienware X51 Nvidia crash fix! (Crashing, Freezing, Nvidia error)

Anyone can do this, you just need a screwdriver and some smartness. I have never opened up any desktop before doing this! REMEMBER: THIS WORKED FOR ME, IT MAY NOT WORK FOR EVERYBODY AND THE POSSIBLE DAMAGE YOU DO TO YOUR PC IS YOUR OWN FAULT!

Dear Alienware users,

I am a proud owner of a 2+ year old alienware X51, during the time that I have used this there were certain periods where it would no longer stay on for more than 30 minutes without the graphics card crashing, which resulted in a total crash of course. 

I have seen a lot of people asking for help to stop their alienware X51 crashing, however I HAVE FOUND THE SOLUTION!

Before applying the fix you should know what the actual problem is:

The Alienware X51 desktop has TWO power cables that supply the graphics card internally, however the following graphics card only need one: GT545, GTX555, GTX640, GTX645 and GTX 660 (the ones where the crash happens most on.)

So what happens is one of these cables is a little 'loose', loose enough to get into the blades of the spinny thing in the graphics processor, this will cause an abrupt crash if it manages to hit it (so I think).

- Watch this tutorial on how to get your graphics card out (it's the second thing he removes from the alienware): www.youtube.com/watch

Follow his instructions closely and remember how to put them back as well. IMPORTANT:

- As you have removed the entire graphics card you have two cables, if correctly one is labeled 1 and the other 2, 1 is the one you should use, plug it in, but here is the tricky part, find a way to make sure that 2 can't get into the blades of the graphics card by using a piece of string, tape or preferably this:

- Put the card back in, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PUT LINE 2 IN SUCH A POSITION THAT YOU CAN GET THE GRAPHICS CARD IN CORRECTLY! I lost a lot of time figuring how to do this, if you are having trouble getting the graphics card back into place then line 2 may be in the way.

As you are busy removing your graphics card clean the entire alienware x51 safely, use a tissue to get of dust and/or gently use a vacuum cleaner. Be careful!

If it worked or if you have any questions/feedback feel free to reply!

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RE: Alienware X51 Nvidia crash fix! (Crashing, Freezing, Nvidia error)

Thanks for sharing thomaswagenaar!

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