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Alienware X51 R2 Overheat

My X51R2's NVidea GTX 670 keeps (what appears to be) overheating. Most notably when playing SR4 and BO2. Using Alienware command center I see that the temperature rises almost to the top of the chart, as does the fan speed, then it goes nuts. What happens on screen is the screen stops, and basically the audio repeats the last .5 seconds of what was playing. Like a solid noise through a fan. This repeats every 5 or so until I restart. I've seen that cords can sometime get wrapped in the fan so I opened up the side. No tangles. I grabbed a small (about 7 inch) clip on fan and placed it in a ridiculous manner pointing into the computer. It seems to be working, so I do believe it is an overheat problem. This card was recommended and cheapish, and this baby was already going to smash my bank to pieces then throw the bits in a fire, so I got it rather than any of the other ridiculous ones. This was straight out of the box and onto my desk. All pieces are "factory standard" even down to the mouse and keyboard.  I am using a 36" Toshiba HD TV as my screen if that changes it but It did the same on a monitor so it is unlikely unless using the TV damaged the GC in some way. Please help me!

Other question:

I often get messages saying the graphics drivers have stopped working and recovered. Is this related?

Final bit:

My computer ran fine until the 1 year warrenty ended 😛

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