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Alienware m14x Heating Issues?

Hello everyone.

So, while playing Skyrim, I noticed that my temperatures usually stay at around 80C. I've read countless articles stating that temperatures are fine if they are under 100C, so I wasn't too worried. I reached 80C when I overclocked the core clock from 590 to 680. However, I decided to be on the safe side and reduce the heat, So I reset the clock back to 590 and I was still reaching temperatures of 80C. Then I decided to underclock to 500 and the temperature was still the same.

Is something wrong with my GPU? Fan? or do I have less understanding of GPUs and CPUs than what I thought?

My laptop specs:

Alienware m14x
Processor: i7-2630QM CPU (2.0 GHz)
GPU: GeForce GT 555m

For overclocking and temp monitoring I used EVGA Precision.

I've had my laptop since last September so I really hope nothing's wrong, but I do plan on buying a cooling pad soon. (Recommendations would be appreciated!)

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Re: Alienware m14x Heating Issues?

Minor Update to my post:

When running Battlefield 3, I reach temperatures of 75 (Stock settings, not overclocked) in the game menu. I simply start up the game and my laptop heats up from around 50C to 75C while I choose a level or adjust settings.

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