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Amplifier Sleep Override

I want to put my computer to sleep.

I am aware that the Graphics Amplifier is SUPPOSED TO disable sleep for noob users who think they can unplug the GA while the computer is still technically on... Is there a way to override this? I will not be unplugging my Alienware 15 Laptop. I have another laptop i use on the go.

What disables this option in the first place? where is the script? Can i disable that script altogether?

I have search for days. Alienware reps have responded to others but with much uncertainty. We are more than half way through 2016 this problem should have already had a fix for those who find it to be a problem (which is apparently most people who own this product).

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RE: Amplifier Sleep Override

Which AW15 do you have? The R1 or the R2?

A new Graphics Amp software and BIOS update for the Skylake laptops (in this case, 15 R2) came out recently. They add Sleep and Hibernate options.

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RE: Amplifier Sleep Override

I have an R1 Smiley Sad is it possible to petition for a BIOS update. I would imagine its just a few simple tweaks and a release for them. I really need this feature.

My only solution for now is to unplug the fan inside the GA for some peace when i sleep as turning my computer off every night is a serious detriment to my work flow...

yes I know if i wanted a computer for work I should have gotten a mac... but i prefer windows and this alienware was a good deal. Macs dont always run windows well without destroying the hardware in the process.

realistically the only thing that bugs me is not being able to put the computer to sleep. I have accepted it is actually pretty bad for games without the GA... (ironic since its a gaming class laptop)... but this much compromise is becoming painful.

I am seriously considering just switching back to my desktop and letting this thing collect dust. Please take that in to consideration : Someone has a problem with this "feature" so much that they actually want to stop using DELL altogether. Imagine how many other people feel the same.

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RE: Amplifier Sleep Override

I have the AW15 R1 as well and would like to have the same update as the R2.  Does Dell normally drop support for products less than 2 years old?  If that's the case, it does not bode well for me wanting to purchase Dell products in the future.

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