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Aurora R2 desktop fault

Hi there, after a year and a half service, my Aurora R2 desktop has failed on me. I am out of warranty so i decided to see if i can diagnose the sickly part myself.

When i hit the power button, the fans scream at 100% as usual, the little alien head flashes white for not even half a second, but the PC wont load the bios and therefore windows.

I removed all the USBs and whatnot from the back and took out all the ram and graphics card to see if the same thing happened and to try to isolate the problem.

No change.

Next i turned to the PSU to see if there was an issue there, so i shorted the power up pin to ground and set to it with my multimeter. All the correct voltages were read off of all the connectors.

So i am left with deciding on motherboard or CPU, or at a long shot the MIO board.

As best as i can i have eliminated all other components, is there anything else i can try to help eliminate any other parts?

Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated thank you Smiley Happy

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Re: Aurora R2 desktop fault

... or at a long shot the MIO board.

The machine WILL run with MIO-Board dis-connected from MB's USB-1 header. Trouble-shoot like any non-Alienware machine. Try pulling the CMOS battery and resetting the CMOS.

With the machine as minimal as possible ... if the BIOS still won't post ... it's something left in the machine (obviously). To find out which part, you have to start replacing parts or move parts to a working machine and see where the problems follow.

If the PS and Video card check good (truely ... like you see them working in another machine or on your bench), that just leaves the MB (or something still installed in the MB ... CPU, RAM, etc.)

The only thing harder to fix than a machine that won't post is a machine that won't turn-on at all.

Welcome to the world of PC repair.


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