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Compatible replacement for Aurora R2 Motherboards?

Hi guys! I have an old Aurora R2 my dad got me as a surprise back in 2010. Since then I've replaced the video card with a GTX 960 but sadly this CPU is getting a little too ancient to be able to run games smoothly anymore. I'd like to upgrade it but since the motherboard has a custom socket, I'd have to scrap out for a newer motherboard entirely.

The one thing thats been stressing me out however is the thing's I've read about how replacing the motherboard may cause some problems such as vents and fans not working. Does anyone know of any LGA1150 socket, microATX motherboards that are compatible with alienware?

This problem has been plaguing my mind for ages now and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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RE: Compatible replacement for Aurora R2 Motherboards?


We do not support this configuration on the Alienware Aurora R3 system. I recommend you also try posting this on the Notebook Review and Alienware Arena forums for assistance. 

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