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Is badly maintained M17xR4 from 2013 worth refurbishing?

Apparently it was a bad decision to buy one while having two toddlers around the house. It was used for gaming and mostly for Youtube etc. Meanwhile the GPU fried, battery died, USB ports became loose, the kids plucked out several keyboard buttons and spilled soda under it several times. Also it doesn't read any CDs or DVDs.

I'm also worried about CPU temperatures, it runs "steadily" at around 65C, almost 90 when turned on for more than couple of hours.

I figured it would take around 400$ to fix everything, but I'm concerned that something else will fry as soon as I fix the rest (like CPU). 

Would it be worth it to invest 400$ and use it for gaming for next couple of years, or should I wait for another 6-12 months until I'm able to afford a new one? (please note, that mean no gaming for next 6-12 months).

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For me, that is too much money to invest in a 4 year old laptop. Just to fix the USB ports you are looking at a replacement motherboard. Then add the GPU, battery, optical drive, etc. You could buy a brand new PS4 for less, just to tide you over until you can get a replacement laptop.

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i wouldnt say that, but it will cost more then 400 bucks hands down.. probably  closer to 1000  to do it right .. or 2 grand to upgrade drastically lol (980m GTX  as an example)

i just pickedup a M18X R2  for dirt cheap no video cards/  no ram no hdd..   installed my own ssd's  installed 32 gigs ram(used)  it had a  3920XM (thank god lol) .. ...  then  found  2 680m's(4gb cards)   with heatsinks and fans (ebay)  .. total spent  probably close to 1200 cnd ,with cost of system,  its a nice older 2013 system  has dual video cards and 18.4 inch screen ,  thats much updated and runs anything i can throw at it decently ..

i missed my M18X tho when i sold it off after board died i loved the older style alienware laptops  HEAVY but i loved em so to me it was worth doing what i did, took me a few months but i have a X51 R3  so i wasnt in any rush

so its all up to what your actually looking to do.. ebay is friend...sometimes lol

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