We are not replacing the LCD/Hinge assembly on anymore out of warranty M11x laptops. We only did this for a period of 6 months outside of the purchased warranty. That period is long over for all M11x. You will have to purchase a replacement LCD assembly from a 3rd party reseller which houses the hinges and have a local technician do the work. The hinges cannot be replaced by themselves. They are part of the entire LCD assembly.


Q: Why did Dell fix the M11x up to 6 months outside of the purchased warranty period but not other Alienware laptops?
A: The hinges on the the other Alienware Mx laptops were constructed differently than the hinges on the M11x. The M11x was flawed. We covered that one up to 6 months outside of the purchased warranty. According to the Alienware product team, the other laptops do not have systemic hinge failures. This was based on total sold versus number of hinge complaints. But, like any hardware that is under constant duress, it will fatigue due to general wear and tear. We do not define a hinge or its connection areas failure as defects in materials and workmanship. All other Alienware laptops must follow the restrictions of the Dell Wear and Tear policy.


Q: The onsite technician said that the hinges are a manufacturing defect?
A: An onsite technician cannot make a Dell policy decision nor define a "manufacturing defect". All he can do is replace the parts we tell him to replace.


Q: I bought the Alienware Accidental Damage warranty, Dell should fix these hinges!
A: Hinges are not covered in the Alienware Accidental Damage warranty
Covered =
* Liquid spilled on or in unit
* Drops, falls, and other collisions
* Electrical surge


Not covered =
* Intentional acts of damage done by you or anyone else
* Fire
* Theft or loss
* Normal wear and tear (hinges, bent AC adapter cabling, keyboard keys)
* Consumables (batteries, LEDs)


M11x-R1 LCD assembly part numbers
4FFHC Black, WiMax+WLAN (Replaced 757TW)
R2Y7G Black, WWAN+WLAN (Replaced VT7K8)
YMM9R Gray, WiMax+WLAN (Replaced PKYWD)
KKH9C Gray, WWAN+WLAN (Replaced 6CVDV)
* Go here for M11x-R1 parts


M11x-R2 LCD assembly part numbers
40GMX Black, WiMax+WLAN (Replaced GNJW3)
8JJT2 Black, WWAN+WLAN (Replaced YYYV5)
YMM9R Gray, WiMax+WLAN (Replaced PKYWD)
KKH9C Gray, WWAN+WLAN (Replaced 6CVDV)
* Go here for M11x-R2 parts


M11x-R3 LCD assembly part numbers
V3M56 Black, LTE+WWAN
7V9HX Black, WiMax+WLAN
K966X Black, WWAN
* Go here for M11x-R3 parts


Out of Warranty M14x Hinge Complaints
It is not a manufacturing flaw. It is wear and tear. Dell will not fix these out of warranty M14x hinges for free. You will need to use the "Out of Warranty" repair service.