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M11x R2 hinge issue!

Hi there, 

I have had my Alienware M11x for quite some time (I had an original warranty, and then extended it a further three years, which has now run out). I take fantastic care of the laptop, and it only ever moves from my desk to my locker - nowhere else! 

Midway through using the laptop the other day I noticed the hinge sounded as though the plastic was going to snap. I see that it's a common issue with the M11x, and that Dell offers to repair them as it's a design fault.

Can someone please assist with how I can get this fixed? I saw this forum thread: en.community.dell.com/.../19465317

But I'm in the UK and the link that tells instructions for Europe doesn't load anymore!

Thanks 🙂 


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RE: M11x R2 hinge issue!

We stopped repairing out of warranty M11x back in 2012.

* Go back to the top of the Alienware Forum board
* Open FAQ Alienware
* Open "Alienware Laptops: Hinge Policy"

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