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M14x R1 issues with Wi-Fi and Display


I've had my M14x for roughly 1.5 years now, and so far I've been very satisfied with this quality laptop. However, recently I've had two separate issues come up and I was hoping to get some help with resolving them. I will mention in advance that I've already tried reinstalling Windows 7, wi-fi drivers, and the Intel HD 3000/Nvidia graphics card drivers. Here are the two issues I'm having:

1. Dropped Wi-Fi connections: once every hour or so my wifi would crap out on me. Interestingly, the "five bar" icon stays full but somehow the pages wouldn't load, or would load very slowly. The only remedy to the solution is to reset the network connection. I've tested this on different networks, and the issue consistently shows up; other internet users around me do not have this issue.

2. Lines showing up on the screen: I think it's best seen than described, so I'll post some pictures first:





Every now and then (which varies from 1/day, 1/hr, and 1/10min quite erratically), my screen would start flickering with these lines showing up everywhere on the screen, and these flickering sessions can last anywhere from 2 seconds to a minute. They also happen rather randomly, regardless of what I'm actually doing on my laptop. It's hard to say whether it's a GPU issue or an LCD issue, but I'm fairly certain that it is not a driver issue since a fresh installation of Windows 7 and related drivers did not remedy the issue.

Would it be possible to get some assistance with this? I feel that a technician repair is in need (especially with the second point), and since I've purchased a 2 year extended warranty in May of last year I'm hoping that scheduling such a repair wouldn't be too troublesome. Thanks in advance!

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Re: M14x R1 issues with Wi-Fi and Display

Does the same thing happen if you try an external monitor?

For the wi-fi issue, start with clean boot, that will desable all start up programs and will let us know if it's something running on the background causing the issue.

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