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M17x Help, Glitches, questions, etc.

Ok, let me start off by telling you all my system specs,

1. Core 2 Duo 2.40 GHz CPU
2. One Integrated Geforce 9400
3. Two Discrete SLI enabled nVidia GTX 260 cards
4. 8GB of DDR3 Ram and 1333 MHz
5. Two 500GB Hard drives at 7200 RPS


Now, let me tell you all the problems I am having,

First, some of my games work worked when i first installed them, but the next day they don't. Something about not having access, but i gave the folders permissions!

Second, iTunes keeps popping back up! every five seconds it maximizes itself.

Third, when I'm typing, i will autiomaticaly start typing somewhere else half way through the sentence.

Forth, do i the SLI monitor, (Two white lines to the left of the screen with  green that gauges how much you are using SLI) how do i get that to not show up over my programs?



P.S. I have updated drivers and everything.

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