Monitor not showing up in control center.

My monitor is not showing up in the control center (so i can change the lights and stuff on it). The mouse and keyboard show up just fine. I'm not sure why.

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Re: Monitor not showing up in control center.

Hi coffeeman034‌,

Check this:     

The command center will not control the monitor lights, you need to change those lights with the OSD installed in the monitor. Check the monitor's manual.  

Also remember that if the monitor is an AMD Freesync, it will not have lights. 

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Re: Monitor not showing up in control center.

Thank you very much. It started showing up in the OC controls.


Re: Monitor not showing up in control center.

I had this same problem and I still have minor problems because having alien pc, keyboard, mouse and monitor requires two separate command programs one called command and one called control.. They can be confusing as both control the lights and only one is very detailed and you can do a ton of more special tweaks.  The control is the only way to do macros and special things though however. 

I had a recent pc problem and then a update from the control center that is for mouse and keyboard and monitor I think and then they updated the command center and the monitor shows up in command center and you can change the lights from that.  I was able to change lights for my alienware monitor from both actually.  

I had to reinstall both programs and restart for them to work again as intended.  I wish only one was needed because I have to have two programs running now.  The command center overrides the control center and I have it set to a more detailed color profile for my keyboard and command center fires up last when a pc reboot so it changes my lights the control center is profiled for every time and its a headache to have to go into that and turn all the lights back on to the profile I like for the game I am playing..  Maybe I just need to unsync the keyboard from command center or something but thats my thoughts.  Reinstall both and if you dont have them just go to dell downloads or run a search.

Alienware would be doing us a solid if they would make command center and control center into one program.

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