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New Alienware x51 R2 Graphics

I bought an x51 R2 new from the dell site and I used nvidia experience to set my games.  I have a Gtx 660 and I7-4770 8GB ram While playing Counter-Strike Go with optimal settings which is max I keep getting graphic chokes for several seconds while looking with the mouse and my fps is horrible but my fps never actually goes below 50 according to the game.  I have set custom fan speed and updated bios to A01 but issues still persist.

  My internet and ping are great no issues on that side so its not lag.  All games I use optimal settings by the experience app.  Skyrim and Just cause 2 I get these little grey transparent squares but no video or game lag.  Dell customer support ran some tests in the lowest settings possible really with a benchmark and say my video card and all of that is fine.  But I would hope a $1200 computer could run counter-strike,  and if it cannot or its just what you would think is a system issue then I need to get this figured out while its still returnable/exchangeable.   I researched the card before purchasing and it should be able to handle this no problem on highest settings.

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Re: New Alienware x51 R2 Graphics

well if your basing it off cs:go  don't .. the game  itself has enough issues and memory leaks.. inferno is a bad map due to constant respawnn of chickens even lags my dual 7970's   I just log off game and back on and good for a while..... its the game...

tested on my 650M acer

my dual 7970 desktop

680M ...

and a pile of well search google Smiley Surprised

try some other games see if it does it

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Re: New Alienware x51 R2 Graphics

So far chivalry,  cs go,  and natural selection 2 I have these issues.   I'll try some others tomorrow.

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Re: New Alienware x51 R2 Graphics

Go to your BIOS.  Integrated Devices.  

1. set PCI-e Gen 3 to Disable.

2. Save, reboot

3. retry your games.  

Current gen cards show no performance boosts from PCI-e gen3 so you won't be losing performance doing this.

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Re: New Alienware x51 R2 Graphics

Thanks buddy,  Have tried this before.  Still have the issue.

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Re: New Alienware x51 R2 Graphics

Good one Mav711!


Things you should try:

- Have the AC adapter connected directly to the wall.

- Installing latest driver from the manufacturer's website. For an easy step-by-step process to re-install the video card driver, checkout this article.

- Add your games in the Nvidia Control Panel; I found this video on tweaking the Nvidia Control Panel.

Let me know how it goes.

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