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New Years Resolutions

Hello its me again about my Alienware Aurora Alx (complaining about) it is ok I suppose for the time being so I have decided to make three choices for it. Oh yeah about my overclocking I have sort of prevailed with it getting it to 3.88ghz, which I had to use with 24x160 which actually settled quite fine with the ram frequency 1600mhz (160x10, unfortunatly this does not come in a neat package which I had to raise to the vcore: +180mv (1.42v according to CPUZ) IOH: 1.5V,Ram: AUTO and uncore and QPI at 240mv. It is stable at these settings but about the heat, the rebranded Corsair H50 is starting to lose the battle in heat and has started to give in with a idle temp of 49 celcious and a max of 81. I am very fustrated to a point where I have decided three options about my Alienware.

1. Keep all the parts and hope they survive 

2. Get a i7 2700K package which includes the ROG moteboard and a Corsair H80 cooler and some Ram

3. Same as 2 but with a I7 3930K and all other equipment which comply

I needless to say that I am using fsx which is a very demanding game and at the moment 3.88ghz is not ordeal for it, I am actually a very bad overcloker even my CPU gets fustrated at me by sending BSOD. Keep in mind my Alienware is one year old and what option shall I chose???

Alienware Aurora ALX, I7 960 @ Stock effictive (From 10.3.12), Nvidia GTX 580 o/c, Kingston hyper x 6gb tri channel memory 1600mhz @ 1600mhz, Alieware OptX AW 2310 23", 1tb Western Digital Caviar Black x 2 in raid 0, OZC Vertex Plus 120gb (Not working), Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit and Dell wireless Pcie intenet

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Re: New Years Resolutions

These guys might be able to offer you some insight into 3rd party hardware on the Aurora.

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