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Replaced OEM Mobo and entered wrong Service Tag

Personally replaced the Motherboard because I bricked my old one trying to flash the BIOS.  Found an OEM replacement, installed it, everything is running great.  During the setup process, I accidentally entered in the Wrong Service Tag when prompted in the CMOS Setup Utility.  Let's say hypothetically my service tag was '1234567', I entered 1253467 instead.  Does anyone know of a way to change your service tag?  Only issue is with auto detect programs like "Alienware AlienAutopsy" where my service tag is not recognized.  Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

Alienware Area51 - Bios A10

Intel Core i7 960 (3.2GHz, 8MB Cache)

6GB 1333MHz DDR3 3DIMM

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Re: Replaced OEM Mobo and entered wrong Service Tag

Hi DasChester,

I am sorry about the situation.  Please send me a private message with the system service tag. I will check what best can be done. Click on my name and click Start Conversation to send me a private message

Thanks and Regards,
DELL-Sujatha K
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