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Two software issues with M11x

My mother and father, respectively, are experiencing two strange issues with their Alienware M11x laptops.  First, the most recent one, appears to be related to problems with nine updates released this month.  These updates download but refuse to install; the screen permanently stuck on 1 of 9.  Eventually they've switched off the machine and, a couple of days later, it's tried again with the same issue... their specs are identical and use Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, so this would indicate that the first update it seems to download is faulty.

The second issue has an indeterminate date of inactivity but, basically, the facial recognition software has stopped working for no apparent reason.  This could be the result of another Windows update, but I thought I should flag it in case there are more widespread reports of it with the M11x.

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Re: Two software issues with M11x

When doing Windows Updates choose Custom and look at the updates. Never allow a device driver to load. Those should always be run from our File Library and only to correct a specific problem. Next, only choose High-priority updates.

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