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Would just love an Alienware, but...

Sup Dell and friends.

I have my fingers crossed that this is the place to find Dell people that actually know their products and aren't in India reading from an employee handbook!

Been in the market for a performance notebook for a while and considering the Alienware 17R3...

...but, I have a few concerns preventing me from pushing the button on it. There are other options that perhaps better suit but I've always wanted an Alienware system, since way back before the merger with Dell and even before I built my first machine... so if someone here would be kind enough to alleviate said concerns (or at least point me in the direction of someone that can) it'd be real appreciated.

Waited long enough for Skylake, now that's out in full swing, all good. I am not prepared to wait what I'm assuming will be a few months for the mobile version of nVIDIA's GeForce 1080. Which means I will be forced to upgrade...

I understand the CPU and GPU are embedded onto the 17R3 mainboard, which means (provided they don't change the chassis before then) I'll be replacing the entire mainboard, which is actually fine by me (maybe I'll even get lucky and Intel will have a new K-series chip out by then)... but apparently it isn't fine by Dell...

Spoke to Dell Sales, Tech AND Product Support numerous times and none were willing to provide details on how to purchase individual parts even if they were included with the sale of the Notebook, a spare battery and display, for example... let alone an entire Mainboard. I guess I must be using the wrong currency because my money didn't seem to be good enough.

Does anyone know of a reliable source I can contact for parts for these systems? Either first or third-party is fine, parts availability seems to be the issue. There doesn't seem to be that restriction with products by other manufacturers.

I have no interest in utilizing Dell's Tech Support or Warranty if those I will have to deal with will be the same people with whom I have already spoken.

I'm also wondering what the Graphics amplifier bandwidth is? I would like to assume PCIe Gen-3.0 x8 if it's bypassing the internal GPU as that should run on the above, but I've heard that it's Gen-3.0 x4 or Gen-2.0 x8? If so that would actually make a Thunderbolt 4-based adapter a slightly better option.

And finally; I'm interested in hearing opinions on the BIOS and overclocking capability. I'm hoping that it isn't too restrictive?

Sorry for the long post, I got a lot of love for anyone willing to take the time to read, and a lot more of it for anyone who can help. Thanks.


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RE: Would just love an Alienware, but...

Bump. I have no shame.

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