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X51 R2 random restarts, blue screen of death

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I don't know if I'm still under warranty or not.

The problem started two days ago.

When I watch a stream video or run a game, my PC will randomly restart. When it does it will not be able to boot back up. The power light will be dimmed on and off and the fan will run crazily like a car revving the engine.

I may drain the power and wait a minute before restarting. It can reboot but the problem repeat again if I load a game or stream.

Sometimes right after I rebooted and leaving the PC idle, the blue screen of death pops up. This happened four times so far.

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RE: X51 R2 random restarts, blue screen of death


You can try running de Dell ePSA diagnostics to check for hardware failures.

You can try the steps below:

  1. Uninstall NVIDIA/AMD graphics driver. You can use Revo uninstaller.
  2. Uninstall Intel graphics driver
  3. Flash latest system BIOS.
  4. Reinstall Intel graphics driver from Dell’s support page.
  5. Reinstall NVIDIA/AMD graphics driver from their website.

Then, try running the SupportAssist stress test to check if the issue remains.

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