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X51, Windows 8 Pro, errors

Has anyone got windows 8 to work on alianware x51 i have Ao5 bios i got an upgrade of win 8 pro and installed it over 7 didnt think it was working  well system crashes and blackouts i foundhat you can  do a clean install with an upgrade version just format hard drive and install an upgrade version then go back before you activate and install over that version and get it to work as a clean install. system still crashes not sure if it is the vidio card 555 or the bios or windows isnt ment to be installed on   a desk top pc if any one has over come related isuse would be good feedback  i had a file dump last time ans system 32 error 




Please excuse my grammer im an old schooler 

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Re: X51, Windows 8 Pro, errors


Check the Boot tab in the BIOS, make sure the boot mode is set to  "UEFI" and re install.

If the system is already set to UEFI, then update to the latest BIOS, here's the download:

Alienware X51 BIOS A12

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