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Software malfunction

Hi, how are you? I have an alienware R5 that a bought last year (2018) and the softwares “alienware command center” and “alienware support assist” is not woking properly. In the case of alienware command center, my FX system do not recognize my computer, to solve the problem I have tried to download the previous version (V5.2.29) but now the software opens four 5 seconds and closes it self and to solve this new problem I downloaded the latest version (V5.2.42) and both problems continue. Now, In the case of alienware support assist, the option “tune performance” stops working at 90%, To solve this problem I have downloaded the latest version of the software from the website, solved the problem on the first try but he returned. What should I do? I thought to delete everything software of the alienware system and download again from the website, but I’m not very hopeful that this will work
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