m17 R1, poor display color, Nvidia control panel missing options

My employer just  got me an Alienware m17 R1 from Dell's Canadian web site.  We purchased the option for an OLED 4K display screen. The display screen seems to have no dedicated driver (recognized as a generic monitor), and no associated color profile.  The factory color reproduction is terrible and over-saturated.  It would look nice for games, but it's completely inaccurate. This makes the laptop useless for my work, which includes video production.

I did the Windows calibration, but that won't allow me to make changes to curves or saturation, and the problem is with over-saturation.  

The Nvidia Control panel works, but only shows options for 3D settings.  I have tried updating the driver without success.

I like everything about this laptop so far, but the integrated screen really is unusable unless I can adjust the color properly.  I should be able to use the Nvidia panel for this, if I can get the remaining options to show.

Can anyone suggest:

1) how to get the Nvidia panel to work properly?

2) how to find drivers for the integrated display screen?

3) how to find color profile files for the integrated display screen?

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Re: m17 R1, poor display color, Nvidia control panel missing options

Dude, I literally have this exact same thing going on right now. Trying to edit videos, but this screen is so saturated that it's super hard to accurately color correct. Great for gaming, but not ideal for an accurate display. Did you get it figured out?


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Re: m17 R1, poor display color, Nvidia control panel missing options

Got the same issue, Did a very basic balancing using the intel graphics settings. I'm a professional Colorist, so you can take my word for the screen match. Here are the settings I tweaked

Hue : 7

Saturation : -29

This change of setting will give your Alienware R17's screen a better balanced look and will somewhat make your video editing a bit more accurate.


That's the best I could manage, feel free to update this thread if you find anything more. Cheers.