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GeoDrive encryption method and keys


I'd like to configure a 3rd party Atmos client in order to access some encrypted files which I have written with GeoDrive.

I want to write my files with GeoDrive and its encryption method, and be able to restore them from another location with a different Atmos client.

I have two problems that I'm facing:

1) which encryption method does GeoDrive use? I've read that it's AES-256, but is that in ECB, CBC, CFB, or OFB mode?

2) which is the encryption key used to crypt the files? I understand that I can define a password in the GeoDrive configuration, but then which is the key? The key is a different matter from the password, it is the result of many factors (the key generation mechanism, and possibly other parameters) only one of which is the password. I could use a 256-bit key, but I don't know what GeoDrive is using.

Thank you for any help you have.


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