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Avamar 7.1.1-145 needs to be restore/reinstall

My one node Avamar 7.1.1-145 on M1200 is totally down. I do not have any CP on it and gsan is down.

I need to restore it, but I totally do not know how to start with.

I cannot find kickstart ISO for this version, I tried download software using Avamar Downloader Service, but it has an issue to download manifest.xml file.

I find the article https://www.dell.com/community/Avamar/Restarting-failed-Avamar-grid-installation/td-p/6742666, but I cannot (how to) initialize avw_install process.

If anybody can help me and point to any solution, I will be very grateful. I add, that there is not possible for me to open a SR in Dell Technologies.


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Re: Avamar 7.1.1-145 needs to be restore/reinstall

Avamar 7.1.1-145 reached end of life on September 30, 2018.

Installation / reinstallation is a paid service and must be performed by Dell EMC or a certified partner. I recommend contacting your account team for assistance.

The installation process in the post you linked hasn't been used since Avamar 5.0 which reached end of service life in 2013.