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Avtar Restore and list backup in RHEL

I'm trying list backups in RHEL with command avtar, but I always have error:

[root@RH64ENT64BBAS ~]# /usr/local/avamar/bin/avtar --backups --verbose --label=Number --id=RHEL6@clients --path=/clients/rh64ent64bbas

avtar Info <5551>: Command Line: /usr/local/avamar/bin/avtar.bin --vardir=/usr/local/avamar/var --bindir=/usr/local/avamar/bin --sysdir=/usr/local/avamar/etc --backups --verbose --label=Number --id=RHEL6@clients --account=/clients/rh64ent64bbas

avtar Info <7977>: Starting at 2016-08-19 14:32:30 COT [avtar Dec 20 2015 10:35:00 7.2.101-32 Linux-x86_64]


avtar Info <6555>: Initializing connection

avtar Info <5552>: Connecting to Avamar Server (

avtar Info <5554>: Connecting to one node in each datacenter

avtar Info <5583>: Login User: "RHEL6", Domain: "clients", Account: "/clients/rh64ent64bbas"

avtar Info <5580>: Logging in on connection 0 (server 0)

avtar Info <9772>: Starting graceful (staged) termination, Fatal server error (final stage)

avtar FATAL <5704>: Fatal Server Error occurred (MSG_ERR_DOMAIN_NOT_FOUND), aborting execution (MSG_CMD_ACCESS_CHILD=47 serial=1 seq=0 flags=RU:N:0 kind=0 rsp=MSG_ERR_DOMAIN_NOT_FOUND)

avtar Error <5126>: Login error 58: Invalid domain specified

avtar FATAL <5308>: Failed to initiate session with server

avtar Info <6149>: Error summary: 3 errors: 5308, 5704, 5126

avtar Info <5314>: Command failed (3 errors, exit code 10008: cannot establish connection with server (possible network or DNS failure))

[root@RH64ENT64BBAS ~]#

I don't understand because the domain is client, why the error is domani not found?

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