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DPN report equivelant in DPA

By chance is there a report in DPA that gives the same info as the DPN report that's generated straight out of Avamar?

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Re: DPN report equivelant in DPA

There is a report - Avamar Client Usage Statistics that contains some of the data, such as total data protected, total change rate, etc.  It looks like this:

2016-12-06 15_38_37-Data Protection Advisor.png

Now, unlike the DPN report, you don't see the Workflow ID, backup group or other data.  However, you can edit this System Template and save a Custom Template that has all the details you're looking for (Modified Data Center, Avamar Group, etc.)

You do this by editing the Custom Template in the Design tab and turning on "Include All Fields".  This will capture all the data points in each report, then let you add what you wish to your final report.

I have another post on the Community Forums describing this in detail.

Let me know if that helps!


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