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Launch avtar and specyfing the group


Is there a way to launch a backup from command line (under AIX), and specifying the group to use ?



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Re: Launch avtar and specyfing the group


As far as I know there is no possibilities for this.

This is client initiated backup/snapup and for example this below could be used ...


--retention-type={daily | monthly | none | weekly | yearly}



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Re: Launch avtar and specyfing the group

if you are on Avamar 5.0 and later, you should have a pdf guide on your grid called something like 'MCCLI programmers guide' that have all the command line options available to you.  The guides are displayed in the area where you download the clients as well.

I personally have not had a reason to not use the java-based scheduler with Avamar using AIX since it works flawlessly imo.  But I do script the fracture and sync of the clariion clones we use for backups at the AIX command line.  I'm pretty sure you can do it as long as you have the dataset, and retention rule set.

Here's the link to the guide on Powerlink: