Question regarding backing up VMs in the ContainerClients domain

When adding VMs to Avamar's inventory it's much easier to just grab a container and let it import all of the VMs under that container. They all show up separately under the Container Client domain and I've been able to just pick and choose from what list what should backed up in my backup group.

However when reading through the 7.1 VMware User Guide I found the following bit...

The ContainerClients domain is a special system domain, which is populated with virtual

machines residing in VMware container entities. Avamar assumes that when you add a

VMware container to Avamar, that you will always manage the container and all virtual

machines within it as a single object. Therefore, if only you add these virtual machines to

a backup group as individual machines, rather than adding the parent VMware container,

they will not be backed up.

If I'm reading the above correctly, then Avamar shouldn't be backing up the VMs individually like it currently is. What am I missing?

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