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FX2S - CMC racadm proxy


Is there a way to pass racadm commands through the CMC to the sled iDRACs? Realistically my goal is to be able to update the firmware of the FC640's in the chassis from a DRM catalog without ever needing to put the server iDRACs on the network themselves, but instead using the CMC as a proxy. I know this can be done using the GUI but we get quite a few of these in and I'd like to be able to do multiple racks worth in parallel. We currently bring the sled iDRACs on the network temporarily and give them DHCP IPs, update using remote racadm to the sled iDRACs, capture the baseline hwinventory/bios XMLs then set them back static until full deployment.

On a related note, is there a CMC equivalent to "racadm hwinventory" and "racadm get" that exports a full inventory of a chassis and the underlying sleds?

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Re: FX2S - CMC racadm proxy


I don't think the CMC can be used that way. The CMC can be used to initiate updates on the nodes, but the nodes will connect directly to the repository source to perform downloads.

Available commands should be covered in the command line interface guide for the CMC. It is on the chassis support page. From the main support site you can browse to servers>poweredge>modular to locate the chassis support page. CMCs and iDRACs use many of the same commands.



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