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Adding DAE2P to existing CX300...

This is my first post to the forum, so please bear with me...

I have a CX300 (with FLARE 2.26.300.5.026, including the "sixtydriveoption") with the following components (this is how they are physically laid out):

1 x DAE2-ATA (5 x 320GB, 10 x 500GB ATA)
1 x DAE (15 x 146GB FC)
1 x DPE2 (15 x 146GB FC)

The DPE2 is enclosure address 0, the DAE is 1, and the DAE2-ATA is 2.

I would like to add a fourth enclosure, which would be a DAE2P (15 x 146GB FC).

I attempted to set the DAE2P's address to bus 0, enclosure 3 prior to connecting the HSSDC2 to HSSDC cable. It appears the bus ID doesn't change, but I am able to cycle through to enclosure ID 3. Once the cables are connected from the DAE2-ATA's EXP port to the DAE2P's PRI port, the enclosure lights on the back of the DAE2P go out. Also, all drives show an amber light on them, indicating fault.

From what I gathered through my own research, the CX300 will support a DAE2P enclosure, but it will run in FC-AL, versus point-to-point.

When I remove the DAE2-ATA enclosure from the bus and plug the DAE2P into the DAE, the enclosure is seen in Navisphere.

I've reviewed "Adding A Disk-Array Enclosure," but from what I could tell, I followed all steps as outlined. At this point, I'm not certain how to get all four enclosures working together.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Adding DAE2P to existing CX300...

Have you been able to add the 4th enclosure, or do you still need assistance? From what you describe, it sounds as if the existing ATA enclosure and the new enclosure being added somehow have the same enclosure ID (make sure to power cycle the new enclosure if/when you change its ID, prior to adding it to the bus). Direct review of arrays logs would be used to directly troubleshoot further - in which case it would be best to open a Service Request via your support provider. On a side note; the DAE2P will internally run point-to-point, while the legacy FC enclosures will continue to run in arbitrated loop - such a mixture is a supported configuration.

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