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CX4-120 and FAST Cache issue

We have a CX4-120 that is used in our DR environment.

We lost connectivity to the array and on investigation found that several Storage Pools and LUNS are in an offline state.

We have the following critical alerts:

The storage system is unable to destroy FAST Cache.

The storage system is unable to destroy FAST Cache due to an internal software or hardware error.

Event Code: 0x7478

FAST Cache is disabled.

FAST Cache is no longer accessible to LUNs because one or more of its disk drives is removed, inaccessible, or broken. Alerts for LUNs that are unavailable to their servers may also appear.

Event Code :  0x7575

I tried removing the SSDs and re-inserting them, rebooting the SPs, etc. but the problem persists.

The data is not important, I would just like to delete all luns and pools and recreate.

Unfortunately, the system will not allow me to do that.

Any suggestions for a DIY fix?

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Re: CX4-120 and FAST Cache issue

For a Pool Off-line issue there is no easy fix. This will require help from Dell EMC Support.


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Re: CX4-120 and FAST Cache issue

Unfortunately, NS-120 / CX4-120 is no longer a supported product.


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