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Sun cluster with Powerpath

I cannot see Powerpath Pseudo devices with command scdidadm -l in order to configure Sun Cluster. I read that we can use native device instead in case of using third party array but I am using CLARiiON CX3-20c. Any body have idea about the best practice of configuring Sun Cluster 3.2 with Powerpath 5.2 on Solaris 10?

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Re: Sun cluster with Powerpath

Hi Yahya,

What matters with  Sun Cluster is the  'did device file' -

To manage the global devices Sun Cluster 3.x uses a pseudo driver called the Device ID (DID). This driver searches for devices attached

to the cluster node and automatically builds a list of unique disk devices and assigns a unique major and minor number that’s

consistent across the cluster. Device access is then performed using the unique device ID that was assigned by the DID instead of the traditional Solaris CxTxDx device ID.

Powerpath pseudo device files are NOT used  under the scdidadm  outputs.

There is an example "Setup and configuration of EMC VNX series or CLARiiON in the Sun Cluster 3.x environment" in the "EMC Host Connectivity Guide for Solaris " and

in the  "Powerpath 5.2 Install Guide" there are instructions how to install Powerpath in a Sun Clustered envirnoment.

If you require more information on the cluster configuration , I would recommend following up with  Oracle.

Rdgs, Gearóid

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