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Data Mover boot problem


we  recieved an ns500 as an present without any documentation. We tried to install a new version of the Controlstation but the Datamover are not found and as we could see the datamovers are not booting, they are searching for a bootdevice. So some Questions.

1. Are the Daver Movers booting over the internal network from the Clarrion Array (CX500)? do they boot over the serial Connection from the Controlstation? do they boot over the Fibrechannel Connector from the Array?

2. How can I install the needed Software to boot the Datamovers correctly?

Thanks for any help or advice.

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Re: Data Mover boot problem

Its a Celerra Query...Moving it to the right discussion line.

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Re: Data Mover boot problem

1) they boot from the LUNs presented via fiber channel

2) it's typically done by EMC personnel or partners ..with special instructions that are not available to customers.

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