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Viability of VSA for NDMP restore testing

Does anyone have any experience with using a Celerra VSA under vSphere 4 for doing NDMP restores from physical (Fiber Channel) LTO4 tapes? The backup environmet is NetBackup v6.5.3. I've been told that we'll need an HBA that supports connecting the VSA's VM to the SAN fabric (such as the HP CN1000E), are there any others that work?

One admin is asking if Site Recovery Manager is required. Is it?



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Re: Viability of VSA for NDMP restore testing


I haven't come across this scenario before. Let's wait to see if anyone has tried this.



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Re: Viability of VSA for NDMP restore testing

Last time I checked, passing FC devices (specifically tape drives - I went through this line of questioning with VMware about a year or so ago) through to a VM doesn't work/isn't supported under VMware.  Perhaps this changed in the latest release as a new direct hardware passthru mechanism/interface seems to be one of the "New Features".


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