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FMA-FMAVE replacement, is fmbackup/fmrestore allowed ?


Replacing a NAS having archiving setup for local FC File Systems to local ATA File systems, via FMA,

I will have to replace the NAS BOX by a new one (VNX) and FMA BOX by a new one FMA/VE.

My scénario will be to run, between the 2 NAS, IPreplicator for FS and IP replicator for their repository,

Then will i be able to fmbackup the FMA DB then FMrestore it to the FMA/VE,

Looking at the doc : h6336-automated-file-tiering-celerra-rainfinity-fma-wp.pdf, page 39, it doesn't seems to be allowed !!!

Thanks for your advice, Brgds

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