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what can be a "connectrix service processor"

what can be a Connectrix SP in terms of liming the number of configured zones in a Fabric enviornmennt. I a know of SP in EMC array anrays and CP in broacade switches. But dont know of any CSP. pls share your ideas.

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Re: what can be a "connectrix service processor"

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Re: what can be a "connectrix service processor"


I know this response comes a little bit late, but I hope it can still be of use.

When EMC sells a Connectrix Manager license, it usually sells with it a server to install the CM on. This server is called "connectrix manager Service Processor".


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Re: what can be a "connectrix service processor"

Is this really true of the majority of Connectrix Manager licenses? Or is it just referring to the ones that go with a Connectrix Manager solution - switches in a rack with a service processor and software license?

We provide our own hardware (or VMs) for the Connectrix Manager installations and pretty much always have (except for one small site that is going away)

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