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Advanced Resolution Group won't fix repair depot mistakes

I sent my laptop in for warranty repairs on January 4th of this year.  The keyboard had to be replaced when my right shift key stopped working.  When I got my laptop back (which took over 3 weeks - but that's another story), I started experiencing video glitches and crashing issues with my PC.  I never had problems like this before sending my laptop in for repairs. 

I sent my laptop back a second time to have this fixed, and the problem was "resolved" by removing the additional 8GB memory I had installed in the second DIMM slot.  I was told that removing the second stick of memory resolved the video/crashing issues, and that the computer is working "as per design", which is demonstrably false.  Before I sent my laptop in for repairs, it ran flawlessly, and I ran 16GB memory with zero issues for 9 months.  Now I can only run 8GB.

After hours of troubleshooting, and sending it in to a local repair shop for diagnostic work, it was determined that the problem was that the DIMM expansion slot was somehow damaged during the warranty repairs.  The repair shop confirmed that the problem was with the motherboard, which makes sense since the motherboard has to be removed in order to replace the keyboard.  It would cost me $800 to have this repaired.

Over the course of 2 months, I have  submitted copious evidence to the Advanced Resolution Group to support my claim that my PC is not functioning properly.  I paid $200 for the diagnostic work, hoping it would convince Dell to do the right thing, but the guy in Advanced Resolutions rejected these results.

I've also expressed my dissatisfaction with the keyboard that was installed, as the space key doesn't always work.  I submitted videos demonstrating this issue, but the Advanced Resolution Group claimed to have not seen the issue.

I was told the Advanced Resolution Group is the last stop for customer service at Dell. <Non-public info > 

I really don't want to do that if I can avoid it, though, and this is literally my last appeal before I file.  Is there anyone at Dell who can actually help me out in this situation?  

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