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Alienware/Dell Estimated Shipping Times Misleading

I've been a Dell Customer for about 15 years. And generally, I never have problems with orders. However, I'm on my second Alienware Order in 3 years and in both cases, Dell failed to ship the machine by the Estimated Delivery date, nor were they able to provide a reasonable update on when the machine will ship. No problem. Supply disruptions, surges in demand, etc. all make predicting that difficult.

What concerns me is the Estimated Delivery date on the site. Is it purposefully misleading? I ordered an Aurora-R4 on May 22. It's been in Production since that date with an estimated delivery date of tomorrow (it won't make that because it hasn't shipped and my card hasn't been charged). That's a 26 day+ lead time. However, if I were to order an Alienware machine on June 3, with the identical configuration, I was provided an estimated delivery day of 6/17.

How is it possible that the Estimated Delivery Date is the same for a machine ordered 10 days after the other?


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RE: Alienware/Dell Estimated Shipping Times Misleading


I don't have an answer to the difference in shipping dates. It is kind of confusing as to the why? I would post this entire thread, your part of it, in the email. Click here, then send her an email, NOT a private message. Give Lorna a few business days to get back to you.  She is always swamped, but she will return your email. If you have any questions, post them here and I'll respond.



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