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Dell Outlet in Need of Bubblewrap!

I have placed an order with UK DELL outlet store for i7 XPS-12 and was given delivery of 8/8 (not great but I could just live with it) with order placed 27/7.  Today received e-mail delivery put back to 14/8 - no reason given. After calls to India CC I was informed it was "because of a packaging issue at the warehouse". Seriously!!?  No one can tell me what this is - no returned e-mail or calls - giving up - may have to cancel order and buy Lenovo - but I wanted the Dell! Anyone have any ideas how I can solve this?

Frustrated and stressed.

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Re: Dell Outlet in Need of Bubblewrap!

Hi ,

Thanks for posting your comments and bringing this to our notice. We sincerely regret that we're not able to deliver the order on the day it was initially indicated. Please provide the Order number and name on the account through Private Message so that I can check the exact status.

To send a Private message, click my User name and Start Conversation.

Thanks and Regards
Satya P
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