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Dell P2715Q Monitor Failure

So I bought a second hand Dell P2715Q monitor off of a friend in January of 2017. The monitor has been great the past 8 months. However, I moved my desk in my apartment and plugged the monitor into a new wall outlets. Upon doing this the power LED on the power button flickered for a few seconds then turned off. I pressed the power button to turn on the monitor and nothing happened. I've tried using different wall outlets, cables, and connecting into to multiple computers or no computer at all. It will not turn on.

I have spent the past 2 days talking with Dell Support (2-3 hours of time all together), and most of the representatives have provided very little help. If I wanted someone to say that I was sorry about the monitor failing I would call my mom, but if I want a problem resolved I would expect Dell support to do that for me, not say I'm sorry.

Anyways the original owner bought the monitor off Amazon as a refurbished product. The monitor is still in perfect physical condition as well and is under warranty until 12/31/2018. Every Dell representative that I spoke with refused to let me return the monitor and have them replace it. One suggested that I fill out an ownership transfer form and that the only information that I would need is the original owner's name, the company from which it was purchased, and the original billing zip code (all of which I have). However they will still not let me return the monitor and are saying that it is under someone else's name. How could it be under someone else's name other than the original owner. They suggested that I contact Amazon to try to find the original owners name...how ridiculous is that? If it was sold refurbished on Amazon then it did not have an owner before then. 

I've been without a monitor now for two days and I really don't want to wait for dell to process the ownership transfer form which they said would take 3 weeks. I have all the information they told me to have and they still will not transfer the monitor into my name so I can have this defective product replaced while it is still under its original manufacturer warranty. 

If anyone could offer any advice or help me return and replace this monitor it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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RE: Dell P2715Q Monitor Failure

Hello!  You will have to fill out the warranty transfer information in order to use the warranty.  Dell does not sell refurbished products on Amazon and the unit was probably bulk purchased by a 3rd party re-seller and then bought by your friend and as such the original purchaser of the product would have his/her information attached to the monitor, not your friend.  

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