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Dell has lost another customer

I created this account solely to note that I'll never be a customer of Dell in the future. The story appears typical to many others on the board: Black Friday deal oversold, multiple delays in shipping, finally culminating in having my order cancelled by Dell. These are reasons enough to avoid a company.

The worst part of it, however, was the company's response. First, Dell delayed the order knowing they didn't have the stock. Dell could have been upfront about that. Then, I wasted two weeks thinking I might still get the product, and didn't make alternative plans. Maybe that's on me for trusting Dell. Finally, I get an email to reach out to Dell to cancel my own order ONLY BECAUSE THE FCC SAYS THEY HAVE TO. That, my friend, is some horrible protocol and a whole lot of 'we don't really care because we work on volume.'

So I do call, only to be told that the relevant department is closed. I call Dell customer service and speak with Mohammed who is very apologetic and offers to transfer me to Dell sales for an adjustment or potential upgrade. I'm thinking,'Great! Maybe I can still salvage something.' But no, he transfers me to a Dell dept that is closed according to the recorded message, thank you for your call, good bye. On my third attempt, I get another rep who is also very apologetic and says that my order has been cancelled. And that was it. No more Dell in my home or business.

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