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Done With Dell

I'm Done With Dell.
I've done business with Dell for years and I'd hate to think how much I've spent. But no more. I wanted to buy a rather expensive computer from them. I got my bank alerted of the larger than normal charge. All should be good right? Nope.
I get a note from Dell that the charge had declined. Called my bank, Nope no charge coming through but suddenly all the accessories started filtering through. I tried to get through to a phone operator but all you get are India operators that do not have a good command of the English language and they are rude. So today, I thought, I'll do it by chat on the computer right? No communication problems. Well it went well, The charge has gone through and everything looks fine. Except I get a call from India again and their own verification department wants all kinds of information. Well <profanity removed> no. It has already cleared my bank. I tell them that but they don't get it. I'm then asked what country Kansas is in. I know we are out there but not that far out. I hung up after five transfers and rude folk who get lost when you don't follow their script. I am going to try to get a US Citizen tomorrow in Texas and cancel the <profanity removed> order. Good Grief!

PS. Since I posted this on FB and my websites, I've heard from 15 folks who thanked me for posting as they were getting ready to buy from Dell and now have subsequently changed their minds.

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mr joe
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Re: Done With Dell

"I'm Done With Dell". That's gonna be heard many many time in the coming months.

More people need to voice their concerns. If it wasn't for the lazy and ignorant CEO's of most of the other PC manufacturers out there, then Dell would have some competition in the (not exactly new) area of online PC sales. There just isn't the will in the PC industry to do the simple things right. Sony, Toshiba, Samsung, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, HP, etc. have all had ample time to do what Dell and Apple used to do so well, but they never bothered. Nowadays, the only real competitor to Dell in this area is Apple, but they have one advantage... a brainwashed and gullible customer base who are prepared to pay extortionate prices for fancy looking machines... Dell do not garner such 'respect', and so should up their game in the area of product availability and customer service. Dell however have done exactly the opposite.

Bye Bye Dell... I'm off to buy a Mac.

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