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This Forum board is only for Customer Care issues (order status, service tag transfers, billing, etc.). If you have a Technical question or a hardware issue, you should post on the appropriate Hardware Forum board so other users can assist you.

Scammers posing as Dell Technical Support

Promotional/Electronic Gift cards expire in 90 days

For retail purchased systems, please register your Dell Service Tag number.

Profanity, attacking users or Dell employee, and legalistic soliciting will not be allowed per the Forum Terms of Use.

If you have already contacted Dell Support and are not happy with the proposed solution. Use the Unresolved Issues form for your country to escalate the issue.
* Go here
* Look to the bottom right
* Click the down arrow right of United States, then click your country

What should you include in your post to us?
The SUBJECT line should look like this: Order Delays, Laptop, USA
The BODY of the post would include: The Order Delay details: including when you ordered, how many emails you have received, etc. Do not publicly post any private data like your Dell order number, customer number, service tag number, etc.

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