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Horrible Support Experience

I purchased a Precision 5520 about 4 months ago and have had issues ever sense. When I got the computer the headphone port was faulty. I didn't have time to deal with this issue until about 2 weeks ago. I called support and was told to send it for repair which I did. This resulted in me not having my computer for about a week, then when the computer was received back the issue was still present. Do they even test these machines after service?

After this and another hour on the phone they agreed to send out a technician to replace the motherboard. After the replacement was complete the tech tried to boot into windows which now does not work, but freezes. He then said that this is a software issue and left. Not to mention he was not very professional.

Again another call to support where I was told their system was down and I would get an email. A day later and I still don't have an email or a resolution. 

This is not what I would expect for a business class machine. I am not a business, but purchased a business class machine for business class service and am not getting good service even for a consumer product.

This makes it impossible for me to think of choosing Dell in the future.

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